Hey, it's Leif!

Do you Love FUN? Because I do00000 :))

I am a Wedding & Portrait Photographer who

 creates FUN & SPIRITED Portraits by focusing on


This lays the perfect groundwork for portraits that reveal the BEAUTY & FUN that are always right here!!

Because life's too short to be butthurt

You are completely free to ENJOY yourself, your life, your fam and your photographer!!

If this speaks to you, reach out to me now and we can talk about

 creating JOYFUL ART from your life moments all while having a real blasty-blast!!!

( I can even wear this tutu if you want )



( A little bit more about me )

I have two cats and they are my sons :)

Some things I love are :

truth  -  unconditional love - fun - music  - dancing - nature - all animals ( especially lions, cats, dogs, bears & honey badgers  ) - funny movies - biking - basketball - soccer  - essential oils - card games - traveling - beaches - vegan things - organic stuff - fashion - laughter - fresh air - comedy - painting - art - singing - Ramana Maharshi   

( Here are my boys ~ Wolfie and Nacho )

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Oh yeah, and I am also a model. Hmu :))