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Hey, it's Leif!

I am a Fine Art Wedding & Portrait Photographer.

I focus on the natural JOY/moments and use my style/technique/vision to create BEAUTIFUL images for AMAZING people like YOU!

It brings me great JOY to share my Passion for Art, Beauty and Life in a way that it so meaningful and appreciated by the people that I have the honor to work with.


unique values, visions and needs is an important part of my process and service that allows me to create spirited ART from your precious life moments.

( A little bit more about me )

I have two cats and they are my sons :)

Some things I love are : FUN, photography, art, people, love, music, singing, dancing, nature, all animals, movies, biking, basketball, soccer, flowers, trees, essential oils, card games, traveling, beaches, fruits, vegan things, veggies, fashion, laughter, the sun, fresh air, comedy and painting.

Here are my boys ~ Wolfie and Nacho 


The Essentials

A Happy Lion Portrait is a very fun and enjoyable experience which can be take place just about anywhere you like :)

What's most important is it takes place at a location that is special and exciting to YOU.

A Place where you feel Comfortable and great, like your home or a favorite park, it's up to you.


A Happy Lion Portrait is a true work of art to remind you of your TRUE nature and joy within. It's an investment that will continue to show it's value and be cherished by you, your friends and your family for generations to come.

  Let’s Talk

Over the phone, I will happily answer your questions about the Happy Lion Portrait Experience and hear about your vision for your portraits.

And if the vision is a little fuzzy, I can help guide you through and give you info about what I do.

 Portrait Consultation 


In person or on the phone, we get to the creative process and talk about what locations seem best for the session and also how and where your portraits will want to be displayed ( If desired ) when they are finished. Here we will get crystal clear about this fun project and answer any questions you may have at this point.

Location Viewing and Home Visit

    ( If desired )

Next, Leif, ( me )  the Artist/Photographer, will visit the session location and get a feel for excellent spots within the location with the best light and special qualities. I can also advise you on the perfect potential spaces in your home to display your portraits if you'd like to take a nice tour through your home

 ( like having a personal Artist/Interior designer at the ready ) ~ It's up to you!

The Portrait Session

Yes! This is the enjoyable time to really let go and just Be.

A time for you and your family to enjoy each other's company completely.

No matter who is in the Portrait ( even your puppy ), it's a time to forget about the world and simply/happily enjoy the moment. I always keep it fun and simple while creating the most authentically beautiful Portraits.

Portrait Viewing and frame Selection


    ( if desired ) 

This is the awesome moment when you get to see your session Images for the very first time! We will view them as a slide show with everyone you've invited and then individually at your own pace.

With my guidance you will choose your best portraits and the frames

that will complete your art. At this time, It will become perfectly clear which Portraits you want made, how big and where you most want to display them.

Unveiling and Installation

( If desired )

Ah-ha.. at last! - The best part!  I will personally deliver your Portraits to your home. The Photo books ( If selected ) are presented for everyone to look through

and enjoy the moments of all the great Session images.

Afterwords, I can install the finished Portraits safe and sound where they will light up your home with GOOD VIBES and beautiful imagery!


Each unique client is a brand new opportunity for me to get to know them and provide the best Portrait experience I know how :)

We invest in each other and create special works of art just for you.


It all starts with a simple phone call or message :)


Thanks! Message sent.

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